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We build our doors & windows with focus on design, quality and flexibility. A product from Ekstrands is characterised by innovative details, high design and market-leading performance.

Sliding windows with narrow profiles

Sliding windows from Ekstrands are technology, performance and design beyond the ordinary. Our various sliding windows can be delivered in large sizes, several different materials and surface treatments are available to choose from.



In addition to our wide range of traditional and modern designs, Ekstrands also manufactures customized and custom-made interior doors. We can manufacture interior doors that are 3 meters high and we also manufacture custom-made interior doors according to the customer's wishes. Interior doors from Ekstrands have a quality standard that should be compared with furniture rather than with traditional carpentry, and performance and technical solutions are also something out of the ordinary. Contact us and we will help you create a unique environment.


Kreativa färgval

Ekstrands skapar förutsättningar för nyskapande entrélösningar och unika miljöer. 

Vi lackerar sedan länge våra ytterdörrar i samtliga RAL-kulörer. Nu kan vi även erbjuda draghandtag, trycken och cylinderbehör i RAL-kulör, tillsammans med våra övriga tillval och stora flexibilitet skapar detta nya spännande möjligheter. 

Kreativa färgval

All Inclusive

We offer premium products with professional installations with our own carpenters. Book a free window or door measurement from us!

We also offer digital consultations with video calls. If you would rather send pictures, it works just as well. In most cases, we can make a quote without physically measuring all the windows and doors.



Ekstrands manufactures genuine solid mirror doors in the traditional way with counter profile and wooden dowel. Beautiful profiles and high surface finish make the doors something out of the ordinary. Choose from several different variants of mirror doors and glass doors. On interior doors in the Exclusive series, you can choose the mirror division and glazing yourself, talk to us about the possibilities.

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Welcome to our showrooms

We have several larger showrooms with sales offices around Sweden. This makes it easier to find Ekstrands near you.

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Cultural windows

Classic windows with high performance

Ekstrands offer exclusive window solutions with narrow period profiles, genuine Vienna astragals and traditional fittings. Uniquely durable wooden windows with market-leading performance and a 10-year guarantee on the surface treatment.

Culture windows


We have had solvent-free surface treatment and impregnation for over 30 years. Our exterior doors have been formaldehyde-free for many years. We can supply genuine wooden windows that are completely free of aluminum and lead and that also have market-leading thermal insulation capacity and painting guarantees.

We have proven that it is possible to combine quality with long-term sustainability and care for the environment.

Sustainable production

We do things differently

In a conservative industry, Ekstrands have always gone our own way. We attach great importance to finding long-term sustainable and qualitative solutions for the customer. Customer value is a key word in our organisation.

The result is aesthetically pleasing products with market-leading performance, low maintenance and innovative detail solutions. Examples of this are our integrated architrave frames, concealed fastenings, market-leading thermal insulation capacity and weather-resistant surfaces.

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