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An exterior door from Ekstrands consists of advanced material combinations that have decades of development behind them. We use modern production technology, but each door is completed manually by experienced craftsmen. An exterior door from Ekstrands has market-leading performance and a weather-resistant surface.

Expressive entrance doors

Exterior doors must have character and a clear design language and give a welcoming impression. Ekstrands have a wide range of classic, modern and innovative designs. Design takes place both in-house and in collaboration with Sweden's leading architects.


All door models are available in any color. Most models are equipped with options such as decorative plates, pull handles, hidden hinges, etc. Add a personal touch to your house.


Double doors

All exterior door models are available as a double door. Standard is equal parting but we can also deliver with so-called double lists where the main door leaf becomes larger. Ekstrands is the only manufacturer that has climate tested a double door, it means that our customers can rely on the performance specified. The results were very good and it's due to our stable construction, but also to a well-constructed meeting between the door leaves, self-developed hinges and edge fittings that allow tightness to be adjusted as needed. If you buy a double door from Ekstrands, you get performance and comfort beyond the ordinary. Contact us for more information.

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Exterior door with stone

Berg 160

Exterior doors with stone creates an effective impression of a modern entrance. The surface in real slate stone is weather resistant and available in three different types of stone.

Berg 160 Argent

Flexible and secure

RC3 doors

Ekstrands can deliver security class exterior doors in RC3 grade, tested according to the latest EN standard. Thanks to our unique construction, we are the only one to offer RC3-rated exterior doors in millimeter-adapted sizes and in large dimensions up to M13x28. Our classification applies to both painted doors and oak doors (solid oak or thermo treated oak).

RC3 exterior doors

Sweden's first

Passive house certified exterior door

A standard exterior door from Ekstrands has market-leading performance and comfort. In addition to CE certification it has also undergone a 6-week extended climate test. But we are not content with this, we can also deliver an exterior door certified according to the strict German passive house standard, PHI. Ekstrands Passiv91 has a U-value of 0.49 W/(m²K) and also meets the air tightness requirements set by PHI.


If you choose a window or an exterior door from Ekstrands, you also make the best environmental choice. We have been using solvent-free surface treatment and impregnation for over 30 years. Our exterior doors are free of formaldehyde and tested free of other toxic emissions. Already in the standard version, an exterior door from Ekstrands has a low U-value, 0.70W/(m²K), which helps to reduce the house's energy consumption.

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Pivot door

A pivot-hung exterior door has a unique construction that differs from one traditional swing door. The rotation takes place a bit into the door leaf, it gives a magnificent and luxurious feeling when the door leaf does not open in the traditional way. A pivot door must be larger which contributes to increased weight, the extra weight in the door leaf gives one better closing pressure and contributes to the exclusive feeling.

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Ekstrand's exterior doors have the market's lowest U-value 0.70W/(m²K) as standard. Our CE certification of exterior doors also means that air tightness, thermal insulation, rain tightness, etc. is CE certified.

Read more about what properties exterior doors and windows should be tested for and how Ekstrand's performance compares with national labeling systems.

CE performance



Ekstrands do not use thin veneers but solid surface layers. We can supply exterior doors and entrance gates in solid oak or other woods on request.

Oak doors

EI30 / EI60

Fire-rated exterior door with low U-value

From November 1st 2019, fire-rated exterior doors must be CE certified. Ekstrand's exterior doors are tested and approved with performance beyond the ordinary. Ekstrand's fire and sound-rated front door do not compromise on the thermal insulation capacity, our unique construction EI30 / 37dB S200 has a low U-value of 0.78W/(m²/K). Our fire and sound doors can also be delivered in larger sizes than standard. Ekstrands is also the first manufacturer in Sweden to deliver a wooden exterior door in fire class EI60, also this construction in larger sizes. Contact us for more information.

Technical doors in high quality

Ekstrands offers a wide range of fire, sound, smoke and safety doors made of wood with several different types of wood, colors and materials. Modern as well as classic design suitable for old urban environment. Our technical doors can also be obtained as double doors and with glass openings in different sizes and shapes, both double doors and glass doors are tested. The doors can also be delivered with our smart  frame system with integrated architraves. We can find a solution that suits your needs, ask us what is possible.


What does U-value mean?

The U-value indicates the thermal insulation, i.e. how well a product insulates (keeps heat and cold out). The lower the U-value, the better the product insulates.

Vad är U-värde

Ekstrand's warranties

Buying carpentry from us is extra safe. Decades of development have created products with leading technology and performance, which is reflected in our warranties. We encourage everyone who is in the choice to buy doors or windows to read the manufacturer's care instructions in addition to the warranty conditions, it is common with disclaimers here. Ekstrands provides a unique warranty on the painting, completely without reservation for maintenance during the warranty period. Download our warranty terms and read more.