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Custom made Doors

Ekstrands is Sweden's leading manufacturer of exclusive and technically advanced doors. Many of our designs, material choices and technical solutions are unique. In addition to a wide range of exterior doors and interior doors, Ekstrands also manufactures custom-made doors. Ekstrands gives the architect and interior designer the opportunity to create environments that are out of the ordinary.

custom made interior doors

In addition to our wide range of traditional and modern designs, Ekstrands also manufactures customized and custom-made interior doors. We can manufacture interior doors that are 3 meters high and we also manufacture custom-made interior doors according to the customer's wishes. Interior doors from Ekstrands have a quality standard that should be compared with furniture rather than with traditional carpentry, and performance and technical solutions are also something out of the ordinary. Contact us and we will help you create a unique environment.


custom made exterior doors

Ekstrands also manufactures custom-made exterior doors where the customer has created the design. The flexibility is great and custom-made exterior doors up to 3.1 meters in height are possible. An exterior door from Ekstrands has leading thermal insulation and guarantees beyond the ordinary. Covered exterior doors have weather-resistant surface layers and our oak doors are manufactured with solid surface layers instead of thin veneers. An exterior door from Ekstrands is something out of the ordinary. Contact us and we will help you create a unique entrance.


pivot-hung exterior doors

A pivot-hung exterior door has a unique construction that differs from a traditional swing door. The rotation takes place a bit into the door leaf, it gives a grand and luxurious feeling when the door leaf does not open in the traditional way. A pivot door must be larger, which contributes to increased weight, the extra weight in the door leaf gives a better closing pressure and contributes to the exclusive feeling.

Ytterdörrar pivot

custom made entrance doors

Ekstrands manufactures entrance gates for all types of properties where high demands are placed on function, performance and design. Custom-made entrance doors, solid custom-made oak doors and covered-painted entrance doors with a maintenance-free surface layer. Increase the value of your property with a quality gate from Ekstrands.