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When you open and close the door for the first time, you understand what we mean by quality difference. A stiff but at the same time soft feeling, followed by a small click. We manufacture solid interior doors for the right feeling. Our frame systems have comfort-enhancing sealing strips. We do not manufacture ordinary interior doors, we manufacture interior doors to furnish with. 


We have a wide range of quality interior doors in modern and classic design but also great flexibility for customised solutions. Products are sometimes depicted with options and in different designs of frame systems. See under the tabs on each product how it can be adapted in terms of material, color and options.

Options on interior doors

Concealed hinges and German locks have significantly higher precision and comfort, we therefore recommend these options for new production. Swedish standard is snap-in hinges and B2014 locks, these fittings have the advantage that in older houses you can replace the door leaf without having to tear out the frame from the wall. If you have old-fashioned pin-bearing hinges, Ekstrands can also customise door leaves for this type of frame. From houses made in 1960 and onwards, there are often adaptation possibilities, contact us and we will help.



We have no interior doors in stock, each door is made to order. Great flexibility in dimensions, shape and technical design provides the conditions to create unique door solutions for unique environments.

Hidden frame installation with Ekstrands I-frame

Ekstrand's I-frame is a construction that integrates the frame into the wall. With the I-frame you get a simple and minimalistic environment. The I-frame is developed to be an integral part of the wall. Ekstrand's I-frame is made entirely of wood and has hidden, adjustable hinges of high quality. Delivered as standard with comfort-enhancing and sound-absorbing sealing strip. With the I-frame you are also given the opportunity to cover the door leaf with the same material as the wall, the door then becomes an integral part of the room.

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The frame makes the difference

There is no equivalent to Ekstrand's frame system for interior doors. The frame is made, with a unique fit, seal and quality. We have several different systems for different styles. Our innovative E-frame has integrated architraves and allows adjustment to the existing wall thickness. All parts come pre-cut and made with smart assembly fittings with hidden attachments of architraves and lists. In addition to high-quality finish, the assembly time is also shorter because the installer does not have to cut and split strips. A strong sound-absorbing and comfort-enhancing sealing strip is standard on all our frames.


Architect family - Timeless form & solid quality

The Architect family is a series of doors developed in close collaboration between Ekstrands and the Architects Krook & Tjäder. Daniel Berg, architect and Cia Eriksson, creative strategist at the Architects Krook & Tjäder, initiated the project in the spring of 2020.

Architect Family

Design fittings for interior doors

Choosing a door handle in high quality and style that fits in is important for the overall impression. Ekstrands collaborate with Europe's leading manufacturers of fittings and offers a wide range of design handles and options for interior doors.

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Flexible sliding doors

Sliding doors save space and create a modern feeling in the room. All Ekstrand's interior doors can be delivered as a sliding door and are offered with several different technical solutions. Surface-mounted sliding doors can be delivered with cornice or concealed rail and adapted to the customer's conditions.

Ekstrands also offers several sliding door fittings for wall mounting, with these the sliding door can be mounted to ceiling height with concealed mounting of rail and wheels, dimensions up to M30 are possible.

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Interior doors in oak

Ekstrands can supply interior doors and any frame system in oak. For example, an interior door with E-frame where the frame and architraves are in the same surface, material and treatment as the door leaf for a uniform impression.

we make

interior doors to furnish your house with

We manufacture interior doors that you can furnish the house with. Ekstrands is leading the development of interior door systems in Scandinavia. All our doors are semi-massive or massive, for the right feeling. Read more about our various interior door systems.

Interior door

pine plywood

Ekstrand interior door Smooth pine plywood has a natural matt surface of knotty pine veneer with an edge of layer-glued plywood. The visible plywood edge gives a rawer feel to an otherwise exclusive interior door.

Interior doors in old standard

Do you have interior doors in old standard? If you do it is still possible to just change the door leaf and keep the old frames. The majority of Ekstrand's interior doors can be delivered in so-called old standard.

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