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The Architect range is a series of doors developed in partnership with the architects Krook & Tjäder.

The Architect range


We worked on the basis that a door is an important part of the whole architectural experience. Simplicity, miscibility and materiality were key aims in the development work. The doors include solid side hung and sliding doors. They are available as sealed doors or glass doors with concealed or visible frames.

Timeless style, with the simplicity and materiality that characterizes Scandinavian design, ensures that the Architect range will last well. Combining style with excellent quality is the basis for sustainable architecture.

Door types

When you open and close our doors for the first time, you will understand what we mean by quality. A feeling of silence and softness, followed by a little click. Ekstrands manufactures solid and semi-solid interior doors that create the right feel, and our frame systems always have comfort-enhancing sealing strips.

All the doors in the Architect range are fitted with a high-quality German lock case. Choose according to your needs and mix solid, or wide- or narrow-glazed doors. Form has a 125 mm wooden frame and Form Slim has a narrower wooden frame of only 60 mm.

Interior doors

Designer handles

Ekstrands works with the leading manufacturers of handles in Europe. A high-quality designer handle enhances the overall impression of a door. Several different finishes and materials are available.

For the Architect range, we recommend the timeless designs of FSB 1267, FSB 1023 or HOPPE DALLAS with a plug-in or mini rosette for a minimalist, stylish appearance.


Frame systems

Ekstrands offers several different frame systems for different styles.
A strong, sound-reducing, comfort-enhancing sealing strip is standard on all frames.

The PS-frame is a standard frame with no architrave or bevel. Used, among other things, for a frame installation with no architrave. The frame is installed so that it protrudes a few millimeters from the wall and the paint/join goes up to the rear edge of the frame. The frame is mitered with a unique fit, seal and quality.

Ekstrands I-frame is designed for Swedish stud walls and is completely invisible after installation and painting. The frame has the same chamfering as plasterboard. The joints are woven and filled before painting.

The I-frame can also be adapted so that the door and wall are clad in the same surface material.

All frames in the Architect range are fitted with concealed hinges.

Read more about our frame systems

The Architect range frame solutions

Sliding doors

Sliding doors save space and create a modern feel in a room. All Ekstrands’ interior doors are available as sliding doors and are offered with several different technical options. Surface-mounted sliding doors are available with a cornice or concealed rail and are customized.

Ekstrands also offers several sliding door fittings that can be embedded in the walls. These can be used to install a sliding door to ceiling height with concealed rails and wheels. Dimensions up to M30 are available .

Architect Support

The Architect range sliding doors


We strive for perfection in contemporary minimalist architecture by using natural elements. Wood is our starting point. Wooden interior doors represent a bridge between today’s modern architecture and the past. For the Architect range, we have chosen oak and Nordic spruce.

These doors are offered in four different finishes and the surface is polished with hard wax oil, which is applied by hand. White pigmented, transparent, antique oak or black.


Colors give rooms their aura and their character. Refine your doors with colored highlights to either contrast or compliment the background color.

You can create beautiful effects by using colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. If you combine opposing colors, you create a complementary contrast, which is perfect for large areas.

The Architect range  colors

The Architect range door models