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Scandinavian outwards opening windows

Sverige104 is our typical Scandinavian outwards opening window. It is supplied with several options for fitting solutions, profiles and is also available with external aluminium cladding.

Outwards opening Scandinavian windows

Outwards opening windows have long been a tradition in large parts of the Swedish housing market.

Ekstrand's outwards opening windows are available in several models and expressions. Fits both the modern house and a traditional turn-of-the-century villa.

Options on outwards opening windows

We manufacture our outwards opening windows in several sashes, ie large sections with several openable sashes in the same frame. All windows are adapted in millimeter dimensions for optimal installation conditions in old properties. Our outwards opening windows can be equipped with hidden fittings with a so-called "cleaning gap", which means that you can clean the window from the inside even though it is outwards opening. Thousands of colors and lots of fittings allow us to adapt our outwards opening windows so that they have an older, time-typical look. Our windows can be delivered entirely in wood without aluminum details or with aluminum cladding on the outside.

Outwards opening window S104 wood

A traditional Swedish outwards opening window that has been refined. Can be supplied either with old-fashioned window fasteners or with TopSwing window fittings. Ekstrands S104 is a wooden window designed to fit both a classic souther Swedish summer house or a mansion in central Sweden.

Ekstrand's unique glazing with concealed fastening and fully-glued glass creates an exclusive appearance and with a narrow arch profile of only 56mm, the wooden window is elegant.

Outwards opening window S104 wood/alu

A traditional Swedish outwards opening window. Can be delivered with concealed TopSwing fittings or as a side hung window. With a 56mm narrow sash profile and the glass mounted far out in the construction the window gets a modern minimalistic look. Gray rubber strip and white spacer between the glasses give a uniform and exclusive appearance.