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Old standard on interior doors

If you have interior doors in the old standard, it is still possible to replace the door leaf and keep the old frames. In houses built during the 60s and early 70s, the interior doors were manufactured in the so-called old standard, most of Ekstrand's range can be adapted accordingly.

Interior door in old standard

"Old standard" means that the inner door has a pin-bearing hinge and a slightly different dimension. The entire Ekstrand interior door range of TYPE 1 doors can be manufactured in the old standard, which means that you can replace the existing door leaf without having to tear out the frame. The latter often involves a lot of extra work with lining, painting or wallpapering that also needs to be remedied.

Measure your old interior door

Before ordering door leaves, existing doors must be measured. Compare existing measurements with our measurement form "Old Standard" (under related files) and make a list of all doors in the house. The important thing is that the measuring chain matches from above, sometimes the door leaves can be cut at the bottom, e.g. due to the fact that a new floor was laid in the house.

Download our form and send us an inquiry after the measurement, and we will submit a quote for new interior doors for your house.

Interior doors in old standard measurements

Pin-bearing hinges for old doors

Ekstrand's interior doors can be delivered with pin-bearing hinges 3220 and also adapted to old standard. If you have interior doors in houses built earlier than 1980, they may possibly have a so-called old standard, which means that you can hang on newly manufactured door leaves in existing frames. With a standard form from Ekstrands, it is easy to check.

Interior doors manufactured during the 60s until the beginning of the 70s often had dimensions and fittings that we today call "old standard". The difference between today's standard and old standard is the height measurement and the design of the hinges. Today, so-called snap-in hinges are often used, old standard has traditional pin-bearing hinges of model 3220.

When replacing existing door leaves with new ones in the old standard, you must measure all the doors, you also need to know if the door is hung on the right or left. Ekstrands has ready-made forms that you fill in, they include width and height measurements, hinge placement and lock placement.

Measurements are important because a lot may have happened in half a century. New floors may have been laid and then you have had to cut the door at the bottom. It is unusual, but it happened that the edges of the door leaf were graded at the old standard, for safety's sake you can therefore check the frame seam size as well or check that the door leaves have the same width measurement on the front and back.

In most cases, just hanging in the new door leaf is easy and convenient. In special cases, there may have been settlements in the wall or other deviations that may make it necessary to adjust the hinges a little. This is done with a hinge crusher.

After taking measurements, we see if there is any deviation, we then ask control questions and perhaps ask for another measure to ensure that it is correct.