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Inwards opening windows

In Sweden, we are traditionally used to outwards opening windows. However, inwards opening window systems with a so-called dreh-kip function have more advantages, we list some here.

Better thermal insulation with inwards opening windows

An outwards opening window has an open air gap and lets in cold far into the construction. An inwards opening window seals further out in the construction and thus gets warm air gaps. This means that an inwards opening window has better thermal insulation in practice. You can also over-insulate the frame and thereby get a better installation situation. Ekstrand's inwards opening window system has double or triple sealing strips as standard.

Better ventilation with inwards opening windows

You do not need to move the flower pots etc. when the window is to be opened. Windows open primarily for ventilation. On an inwards opening dreh-kip window, the frame can be folded inward by about 15 cm. You then get ventilation in the upper edge, which is better than the lower edge (compared to tilt-and-turn windows) because the heat rises. Today's inwards opening dreh-kip window also has built-in micro-ventilation. When cleaning the exterior of the window inwards opening is always preferable.

Better burglary safety

A normal-sized inwards opening dreh-kip window has locking points and breaking reinforcement on all four sides. You can never lift out of the glass because eventual aluminum cladding is located outside the wooden structure and glass strips are mounted from the inside. The glass is also fully glued from both sides (applies to Europa68/78 and EC/90). The frame is 3D-adjustable, which makes it possible to adjust to perfection.

Better personal safety with inwards opening windows

An inwards opening dreh-kip window should mainly be compared to a tilt-and-turn window as this is the most common window in Sweden. If it starts to burn, a tilt-and-turn window is a worse option because the frame is stuck in the frame, which makes it difficult to get out quickly. On smaller windows it becomes impossible to get out. On an inwards opening window there is nothing in the way when you open and the evacuation is thus easier.