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Choosing the right window or door can be the difference that makes a property perceived as attractive or not. Ekstrands has the knowledge and takes overall responsibility, we manufacture and install products according to each property's unique conditions.

Special products

Ekstrand's range consistently has high performance and we are primarily specialists in inward-facing dreh-kipp windows as well as windows in special dimensions and special designs. In addition to windows, we also supply oak gates for residential and office properties.

Door & window replacement with overall responsibility

A door or window replacement is a comprehensive project that places high demands on the person performing the work. Ekstrands takes overall responsibility from measurement to installation. We have a wide product range that extends from windows, exterior doors, entrance doors to security doors with fire & sound class. Ekstrand's products combine market-leading performance and high quality with cultural-historical design, contact us for free advice.


Ekstrands has 12 different window systems in wood and wood / aluminum, as well as 3 systems of high-quality composite windows. Our wide range of options and flexibility in dimensions and materials means that we can adapt our products to each property's individual conditions. Ekstrand's genuine wooden windows can be delivered with cultural profiles for a classic urban environment, with market-leading performance and a unique guarantee on the surface treatment.


Entrance doors

Entrances and gates that are used frequently place high demands on quality. Ekstrands manufactures entrance gates for all types of properties. We recreate the look of the old but deliver leading performance and function. An oak door from Ekstrands has market-leading thermal insulation capacity and is manufactured with solid oak surfaces instead of thin veneers.

Entrance doors

Exterior doors

An exterior door from Ekstrands is characterized by design, high quality and market-leading thermal insulation capacity. It is the only product on the Swedish market that, in addition to CE-declared performance, has also undergone a 6-week extended climate test. It gives our customers security and guarantees beyond the ordinary. Our stable construction also allows for execution with different conditions, e.g. black color with guaranteed warranty. Contact us for more information.

Exterior doors

Sound & firerated

Security doors

Ekstrands has a wide range of fire, sound, smoke and safety classified doors in different types of wood, colors and materials. Modern design as well as classic style suitable for older urban environment. Our flexible production allows both special dimensions and other adaptations that are sometimes required in older properties.

Security doors

Large windows

In addition to leading quality and performance, flexibility is Ekstrand's strength, we have great dimensional flexibility. Large windows, safety glass and solid oak are prerequisites that are often required in shop premises on the ground floor. Ekstrands has the knowledge and helps you find qualitative, aesthetic and cost-effective door and window solutions. Contact us for more information.

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Cultural-historical property that has been converted into housing. To be able to deliver windows and doors to this type of project is a responsible assignment and something we at Ekstrands are very proud of. The project is a good example of Ekstrand's flexibility and ability to solve complex requirements specifications without compromising on performance. The project shows that it is possible to mix different window systems and still get a uniform look. Europa68 and Sverige104 have been used with requirements for e.g. fire safety.

Ekstrand's windows on Stensturegatan in Gothenburg

A fantastic property in the heart of Gothenburg. With 4- & 6-sash outwards opening Sverige104 wood / aluminum window 

Entrance door in lacquered oak with genuine Vienna astragals

Personalize your entrance with exciting material combinations. Choose a protective decoration in stainless steel. Ekstrands also has kick plates in most different materials, choose e.g. between stainless, copper or black double.

Sliding patio windows

Inside or outside? With large sliding sections, nature can be brought into the living space and vice versa. The transitions are fluid.