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Ekstrands is a family business and a history of innovative solutions, perseverance and entrepreneurship that stretches back 75 years.



Over the years, a mission has emerged with us, to create Sweden's best doors and windows. A product from Ekstrands is characterized by good design, high quality and innovative details. Design takes place both in-house and in collaboration with Sweden's leading architects. Quality is as much about feeling and appearance as performance. Ekstrand's products have market-leading performance, e.g. in terms of thermal insulation capacity.

Family business

Ekstrands is a stable family business that in the southern part of Sweden. We are not driven by strict return requirements and can therefore think and act long-term. This applies to our personnel policy and our social responsibility, but perhaps above all how we view our customers and our products. Customer value is and will always be a key word in our organisation.

We do things differently

In a conservative industry, Ekstrands has always gone its own way. We attach great importance to finding long-term sustainable and qualitative solutions for the customer. Customer value is a key word in our organisation.

The result is aesthetically pleasing products with market-leading performance, low maintenance and innovative detail solutions. Examples of this are our lining-forming frames, concealed fasteners, market-leading thermal insulation and weather-resistant surface layers.

Ekstrands Dörrar & Fönster AB

Ekstrands Dörrar & Fönster is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ekstrand & Son AB. The company group has had an AAA rating for more than 20 years. Within the group there are property companies with over 50,000 m2 of industrial and office properties as well as rental housing. In total, Ekstrandföretagen's turnover exceeds SEK 200 million.

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