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Ekstrands has together with WasaKredit developed several preferential payment options

Divide your payments interest-free!

With Ekstrand's interest-free instalments account, you can split up your payment for up to 24 months without interest. Your purchase amount is divided into 24 equal instalments. A campaign fee will be added at the first announcement and an notice fee will be added with each notice (see chart in PDF).

You can at any time pay-off or make additional payments without any additional charges.

Low interest account

For those who wish for a longer installment period than 24 months, this account is available at low interest rates for 36, 48 or 60 months.

The Ekstrands loan

With the Ekstrand loan you have the option to split your payment with longer repayment times. The loan is repayable with an annuity, ie. the same monthly cost throughout the repayment period (monthly cost changes with interest interest increases/reductions).

Great freedom

  • No cash deposit required
  • Repayment times between 6 and 144 months
  • The interest rate is deductible by 30% in the declaration
  • When the last payment is made, the loan is settled
  • Quick and easy handling

Decide your monthly cost yourself

With the Ekstrands loan you can choose the monthly cost by selecting a repayment time. Maximum repayment time is 144 months. The monthly cost you selected will be your lowest amount. Every month you will receive a notification and you choose if you want to make additional deposits or end the loan at no extra charge.

This is how easily you apply...

  • Once you decide on which installment option best suits you, contact your sales representative at Ekstrands.
  • After a regular credit check, you can then pay in accordance with the selected payment offer.
  • Of course, you can also pay for invoice in the usual way, 10 days net or advance.