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With Ekstrand's folding window, you can open up more than five meters of the facade. Our folding windows are as well insulated as ordinary windows. Strong constructions and advanced fitting systems allow large areas to be opened up. 

Folding patios

With Ekstrand's folding window, you can open up more than five meters of the facade. Our folding windows are delivered from 1.6 meters wide up to 5.5 meters and 2.5 meters in height. The frames are pushed on the inside and a number of different opening options are adapted to the dimensions.

Folding patios in wood

Aluminium clad folding patio windows

Our folding patio windows can also be delivered with aluminium cladding on the outside. The aluminium is available in 16 different standard colors, but can also be delivered in any color.

Folding patios in wood/alu

Sustainable folding patio windows

Folding patios out of the ordinary

All Ekstrand's folding patio windows in wood and wood-aluminum are constructed according to the same principles as our other window systems. These are products where constructive wood protection has been a key word in product development. Ekstrand's wooden windows has a unique construction where the glass strip is mounted from the inside, it is thus protected against weather and wind and increases the burglary protection of the product. The glass is then fully glued from both sides, glass strip attachments are hidden, no ugly nails or screw heads. Ekstrands only uses knot-free glue-lam wood in oak or pine. Folding sections in Ekstrand's system Europa68 have double sealing strips as standard. If you choose a folding window from Ekstrands, you get a product with furniture quality that is out of the ordinary.

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Customised folding patio windows

Ekstrand's folding patio windows can be adapted in both classic and modern style. The inner glass strip can be delivered straight or with a profile depending on which style you want. All folding patio windows can be delivered with glass-dividing bars, insulated fillings or one of our many astragal options. With genuine Vienna astragals, you get an exclusive and classic look on a product that has modern performance and function.

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