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Solid quality, high performance and the possibility of individual adaptations are prerequisites for sustainable architecture. Ekstrand's windows are used when extra high demands are placed on climate shells, design or when preserving time-typical environments.

We help architects, builders and tenant-owner associations with unique door and window solutions. Below we tell you about some of these.

housing cooperatives

Ekstrands is a reliable partner to Sweden's tenant-owner associations. Our range is very wide with consistently high performance, from composite windows to specially adapted cultural windows in wood. In addition to windows, Ekstrands also delivers oak gates to residential and office properties.

BRF info


Cord Siegel & Axel Hauschild are the architects behind the house that was awarded the housing prize in 2015. All the apartments are different and adapted to the customers' needs. Light, space and material are consistent in the varied rooms. The choice of window is Ekstrand's Energy Concept 90 in lacquered pine. Ekstrands has also delivered all frameless special windows.
Construction of the year 2015

The town hall quarter in Kristianstad

A unique building where the culturally and historically valuable facades from the 19th century have been preserved, but everything inside is new. The construction was carried out by NCC and was awarded a prize for "construction of the year" in 2015. Today, 700 modern workplaces can be found in the quarter, which is a historic urban environment. Choice of window Ekstrands Europa68 Wood with cultural profile. The only window on the market that combine a classic look with energy efficiency & high performance.

Kanonhusholmen in Eskilstuna

Historical property that has been converted into housing. To deliver windows and doors to this type of project is a responsible assignment and something we at Ekstrands are very proud of. The project is a good example of Ekstrand's flexibility and ability to solve complex requirements without compromising on performance. The project shows that it is possible to mix different window systems and still get a uniform look. Energy Concept 90 and Sverige104 have been used with requirements for e.g. fire safety.
Hauschild & Siegel

Bicycle house OHBOY in Malmö

Raw concrete meets greenery on balconies, facades and roofs. Architect Cord Siegel has created this renowned project with 55 rental apartments and 31 hotel rooms. The house is adapted for smart mobility focused on cycling, walking and public transport. Window selection is Ekstrand's Energy Concept 90 in lacquered pine. A window that from a performance and environmental perspective has no equivalent.

Sten Sturegatan Gothenburg

A fantastic property in the heart of Gothenburg where Ekstrand's window in dark green was prescribed by the client. Dark green color RAL6020 outside. Special adaptation of all dimensions, sound requirements and up to 6 air per arc.
Arcona project


One school - six different buildings with 8000m². This huge project has an exciting history that involves both building antiquarians and archaeologists. The buildings that were built between 1884 and 1968 no longer met today's modern requirements and have therefore been renovated with regard to the cultural-historical values. Ekstrands has had the privilege of delivering period-typical real wooden windows Sverige104 Wood for the older properties and Komposit70 for the new extension.


Rusthållargården is one of the most classic properties on the peninsula. When the architect responsible for the renovation sought a time-typical window of the highest quality, the choice fell on Ekstrands Sverige104 wood. The environment at Rusthållargården exudes classic elegance and quality. With a narrow sash profile, hidden screw attachments and high quality finish, Sverige104 wood is a unique window that fits in unique environments.
Renovation project in Osby

Västra Storgatan 36

This project shows that it is aesthetically possible to install inwards opening windows without having to hide the frame, which is often difficult in existing houses. The frame of these windows can be experienced as a bit clumsy, but it's mainly on smaller windows that you have this problem. The property owner chose real wood windows instead of wood-aluminum. An aluminum-clad window does not fit this type of house, wooden windows are required to maintain the old charm. Window system used is Europa68 wood.

BRF Shiitake

Another innovative project by architect Cord Siegel where windows from Ekstrands have been chosen. 13 terraced houses with own garden facing west, communal pool, greenhouse, sauna, workshop / studio. Wooden windows with lacquer give a warm feeling, here they have chosen the color 1710 olive. Externally, both aluminum cladding is mixed with lacquered wood surfaces. Window systems used are EC/90 wood/aluminum and Sverige104 wood.

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