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Ekstrands presents safety-classed exterior doors in RC3 class


Ekstrands can deliver safety-classed exterior doors in RC3 class, tested according to the latest EN standard. RC3 means Resistance Class 3 and is tested according to EN 1627. Ekstrands is one of the few manufacturers that offers security doors in wood. Thanks to our unique design, we are the only one to offer RC3-classified exterior doors in millimeter-adapted sizes and in large dimensions up to M13x28. Our classification applies to both painted doors and solid oak

As a customer, you can choose from most of all models from Ekstrand's door range, even with large glass openings. With a low U-value (1.0 W / m²K), our safety-rated RC3 exterior door is a good environmental choice.

We provide the same generous guarantees on our RC3 doors as on our standard exterior doors. Bl.a. 15-year guarantee on dimensional stability and 10-year painting guarantee. This also applies to dark and black colors!

To meet the latest tough requirements for class RC3, the door must withstand burglary attempts for 20 minutes (5 minutes physical impact and 15 minutes reflection time) against the locking side, hinge side, through door leaves and against glass fastening. In addition to burglary attempts, the door and glass must also pass a static and a dynamic test. In the static test, the door must withstand pressures of 6 kN (600 kg) on glass and fasteners. During the dynamic test, a 50kg pendulum is released from a height of 750 mm three times against both door leaves and glass.