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New door model Slät 100 G45-R


The model Slät 100 G45-R has recessed glass strip with hidden attachments. The moderately rounded corners and the neat glass strip give a soft and modern impression.

The design looks the same on the inside as on the outside. In the pictures, the door model is equipped with black hinges, black fittings and handles from FSB. Ekstrands has great flexibility and a wide range of options, which gives the architect great freedom to create a unique entrance solution.

Ekstrand's exterior doors are characterized by good design, high quality and innovative detail solutions. The products have market-leading performance, including in terms of thermal insulation capacity. An exterior door from Ekstrands has a u-value from 0.58W / (m2K) - 0.73W / (m2k), is completely emission-free (EN14351-1) and has the longest painting guarantee (10 years * unreserved even in dark colors).

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