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CE-certified fire rated window EI30


Energy Concept 90 EI30 is our super window that can also be delivered with CE-certified fire class EI30. The window can be delivered as 1-sash and 2-sash side-hung inwards opening windows with dreh-kip function, as a balcony door and double-balcony door, as well as in a fixed version.

Fire-rated windows are used in urban environments and where proximity to other buildings requires it. The EI30 class means that burning takes longer than 30 minutes. Ekstrand's Energy Concept 90 is a window with triple sealing strips and the highest performance. The U-value of EC/90 EI30 is U=1.2W/(m2K).

EC/90 has a standard U-value of 0.78W/(m2K) and can be delivered with passive house certification. As the only window manufacturer, Ekstrands can offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable genuine wooden window completely without aluminum, which is also adapted to the future requirements for energy efficiency. A window from Ekstrands is characterized by furniture quality, high performance and innovative detail solutions. We use leading German window technology in the development of our products and have created a wide range with designs for both classic Swedish wooden houses and modern architecture. Several of our windows are adapted for energy-efficient installation situations and future requirements for the environment, sustainability and thermal insulation capacity. At Ekstrands, the flexibility is great, we tailor all products to the customer's needs.

fire rated window EI30 EC/90