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Ekstrands presents antibacterial handles


Our expanded collaboration with FSB has resulted in a wider range of handles and fittings for doors and windows. Ekstrands can now also offer antibacterial surface treatment of door handles in aluminum or stainless steel via FSB, with a lifetime guarantee. The treatment removes 99.99% of all multi-resistant pathogens.

Tried and tested efficiency
The FSB's Anti-Infection Treatment (AIC) removes 99.99% of multi-resistant pathogens. The treatment has lifelong antimicrobial properties and is certified according to ISO22196 JIS 2801: 2010. The handles can be delivered in both stainless and aluminum, anodised or powder coated in available RAL colors.

For both public and private spaces
AIC treatment is recommended for hygiene areas in hospitals, nursing homes and public premises such as hotels, kitchens and restaurants. Now Ekstrands can also offer this treatment on smaller orders for exterior or interior door handles.

The product has been tested according to DIN ISO EN 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 1518, is biocompatible, can withstand all normal cleaning agents and can withstand abrasion resistance of 100,000 cycles.