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A window from Ekstrands is characterised by high quality, performance and innovative solutions. We use leading German window technology in the development of our products and have created a wide range with designs for both classic Swedish wooden houses and minimalist modern architecture.

Sustainable wooden windows

Several of our windows are adapted for energy-efficient installations and future requirements for the environment, sustainability and thermal insulation capacity. At Ekstrands, the flexibility is great, we tailor all products to the customer's needs. See under the tabs on each product how they can be adapted with materials, colors, astragals and other options.

Sustainable windows

Windows with a focus on design, quality and flexibility

All measurements are our standard. We manufacture windows to order, millimeter adapted to your house. Fixed and openable. Round and semi-round. With and without astragals or glass dividing bars. Inwards or outwards opening. Folding and sliding sections, etc.

Below we present our different window systems, our windows can be adapted for both classic and modern environments.

Custom-made windows

Ekstrands has a modern production structure based on JIT-planning philosophy. All products are manufactured in millimeter sizes to order, there are no products in stock. The advantage is total flexibility for our customers, each window can be adapted exactly to the customers conditions. In addition to this, we have twelve window systems with a large selection of materials, options, color and shape. We have created cost-effective windows with high quality, adapted to the unique conditions that each client has.

Solid oak windows

Ekstrands manufacture exclusive wood products with a high technological level and market-leading performance. Our oak windows are unique and a result of our efforts to find long-term sustainability in combination with high performance and low maintenance. Read more about how we use solid wood.

Windows in solid oak

Doors & Windows

All Inclusive

We offer professional installations with our own carpenters. Book a free window measurement from us!

We also offer digital home consultations with video calls. If you would rather send pictures, it works just as well. In most cases, we can make a quote without physically measuring all the windows and doors.

All Inclusive


Choose from several different options of astragals or glass dividing bars to create a window the way you want it to look. Ekstrands has both fixed, openable, balcony doors, sliding patios, folding windows and products in composite materials such as PVC or fiberglass for those who want completely maintenance-free windows.

Windows with astragals

Cultural windows

Classic windows with high performance

Ekstrands offer exclusive window solutions with narrow profiles, genuine Vienna astragals and traditional fittings. Uniquely durable wooden windows with market-leading performance and a 10-year guarantee on the surface treatment.

Culture windows

Save energy with new windows

By changing windows and front doors, you lower your electricity costs, according to the Swedish Energimyndigheten, up to 1/3 of the heat can leak out through old windows. The government now also provides up to SEK 30,000 in support for changing to more energy-efficient windows and front doors.

During January and February, we have local campaigns for replacing windows and doors with installation. Book a free home visit today.

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How to construct a wooden window that lasts? The answer is that you do the opposite of everyone else. Ekstrands turns the entire industry upside down with a unique window construction for Scandinavia, which goes against the way everyone else designs their windows. How is this possible in the 21st century? As we see it, it can only be explained by tradition and that in large-scale production, greater emphasis is placed on finding cheaper solutions instead of designing a product that is sustainable for the customer in the long term. We will briefly explain some of the most important differences between our windows and others. If a wooden window is to last a long time, it must be constructed in such a way that the water is kept out of the construction, that the wood can breathe and maintain the right moisture content over time. Ekstrands uses 3-layer glue-lam wood, no risk of knots bleeding or cracks in color due to the twigs.

High security windows
If the glass strip is mounted on the outside, it is a capillary trap, the water is sucked in capillary between the sash and the glass strip, elevated moisture content in the window base occurs, with color flaking and sometimes rot as a result. Ekstrands does the opposite, instead mounting the glass strip on the inside where it is protected. This also has another advantage, the thief can not remove the strip externally and remove the glass pane.

Impregnation & drainage
Constructive wood protection is a key word in our organisation. This means that we manufacture profiles and details in such a way that the moisture cannot accumulate or be absorbed capillary in the wood. An example is Ekstrand's drip nose under which window panes are mounted, for natural drainage. Another example is that impregnation and painting of profiles takes place after processing, before final assembly and glazing. Impregnation with an environmentally friendly linseed oil alkyd emulsion and diffusion-open paint.

Burglary protection
We completely glue the glass on the inside and outside with high-quality silicone. It is much safer than using a regular rubber strip.

Windows in different shapes

Free forms are not used as often as in the past, the price picture is probably one of the reasons. Ekstrands can today offer a wide and very competitive range of windows in free forms. Our flexible production facility means that the products today are very affordable.

Our free forms are almost unlimited, round, semi-round, 2-sash, 3-sash, etc. Note that many variants of free forms can be delivered with our smart ventilation fittings.

Of course we also manufacture windows with broken angles, these can also be delivered in the Sverige104 window profile.

Windows in free forms

EC/90 Plus+

Passive house window

Windows with built-in insulation that can be delivered as a passive house certified component with a U-value of 0.77W/(m²K). Available both as a sustainable wooden window or with aluminium cladding in EC/90 Plus+ wood/alu

Energy Concept 90 Plus+ Wood

What does U-value mean?

The U-value indicates the thermal insulation, i.e. how well a product insulates (keeps heat and cold out). The lower the U-value, the better the product insulates.

Vad är U-värde