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Ekstrands manufacture doors for all purposes. The product range is characterised by design, high performance and a quality that is out of the ordinary. Read more about our different product groups below



Our exterior doors have market-leading performance. Our interior doors are solid or semi-solid for the right feeling. We also have a wide range of technical doors with fire and sound-reducing properties and garage doors that can match the entrance. We specialise in customer-unique solutions.

Custom made doors

We manufacture doors according to the customer's wishes

Over the years, a mission has emerged with us, to create Sweden's best doors and windows. We attach great importance to finding long-term sustainable solutions that create added value for you as a customer. Customer value is a key word in our organisation. The result is aesthetically pleasing products with high performance, low maintenance and innovative detail solutions. Among other things, we are the only ones to provide a 10-year guarantee on the surface treatment, even on black colors.

We have no stock but manufacture to order. We can thus millimeter-adjust the size of the door and manufacture customer-specific solutions. Both exterior doors and interior doors can be manufactured with a height of up to 3 meters. Welcome to us with your wishes.



BERG 160

Exterior door Berg 160 gives an effective impression, the natural choice of slate creates a powerful entrance. The surface in real slate stone is weather resistant and is available in 3 different types of stone.

Berg 160 Argent



Ekstrands do not use thin veneers but solid surface layers. We can supply both exterior doors, interior doors and entrance doors in solid wood.

Oak doors

Kreativa färgval

Ekstrands skapar förutsättningar för nyskapande entrélösningar och unika miljöer. 

Vi lackerar sedan länge våra ytterdörrar i samtliga RAL-kulörer. Nu kan vi även erbjuda draghandtag, trycken och cylinderbehör i RAL-kulör, tillsammans med våra övriga tillval och stora flexibilitet skapar detta nya spännande möjligheter. 

Kreativa färgval

we make

doors to furnish your house with

We manufacture interior doors that you can furnish the house with. Ekstrands is leading the development of interior door systems in Scandinavia. All our doors are semi-massive or massive, for the right feeling. Read more about our various interior door systems.

To interior doors



“The idea with Braid was to create a door that gives a soft and welcoming impression at the entrance. The inspiration comes from old braided crafts, through the arched shape of the blocks and the fiber direction of the wood, the impression is created that the wood is braided together. The door's clear character and design language will be a fine piece of jewellery and fit in well with today's often stylish architecture ”

Braid 180 oak



In old architecture there are classic patterns, the proportions are often perfect as the design has emerged over more than a century. You do not change this but refine it by choosing profiles on panels and the wood frame. Ekstrands manufacture exterior doors with a high technological level but with real panels and historical proportions.

Sweden's first

Passive house certified exterior door

A standard exterior door from Ekstrands has market-leading performance and comfort. In addition to CE certification it has also undergone a 6-week extended climate test. But we are not content with this, we can also deliver an exterior door certified according to the strict German passive house standard, PHI. Ekstrands Passiv91 has a U-value of 0.49 W/(m²K) and also meets the air tightness requirements set by PHI.

Technical doors in high quality

Ekstrands offers a wide range of fire, sound, smoke and safety doors made of wood with several different types of wood, colors and materials. Modern as well as classic design suitable for old urban environment. Our technical doors can also be obtained as double doors and with glass openings in different sizes and shapes, both double doors and glass doors are tested. The doors can also be delivered with our smart  frame system with integrated architraves. We can find a solution that suits your needs, ask us what is possible.


Garage doors

Beautiful garage doors that insulate. Sectioned overhead sliding doors with 40mm insulation and automation are a convenient garage door solution. If you want the same design on the garage door as the entrance, Ekstrand's swing doors are the alternative. Ekstrand's entire range of exterior doors can be delivered in a swing gate design.

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Ekstrand's warranties

Buying carpentry from us is extra safe. Decades of development have created products with leading technology and performance, which is reflected in our warranties. We encourage everyone who is in the choice to buy doors or windows to read the manufacturer's care instructions in addition to the warranty conditions, it is common with disclaimers here. Ekstrands provides a unique warranty on the painting, completely without reservation for maintenance during the warranty period. Download our warranty terms and read more.