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Genuine wooden astragals for windows

Windows with astragals are beautiful! Ekstrands offers several different exclusive astragal options if you want classic windows. The astragals are made of knot-free wood and are mounted on the window upon delivery.

Windows with with real wooden astragals

Astragals and the design of astragals change the character of a property. It is important that the size and number of bars on each window are adjusted so that it looks good. Ekstrands manufactures all types of astragals, horizontal, vertical and diagonal crosses. We have several different variants of astragals in the range to be able to adapt all window systems to each customer's specific wishes. If there is uncertainty about the design, we produce a drawing on the window with different bars.

Vienna astragals wood (WSP)

Vienna astragals is an exclusive real wooden astragal where the bar is glued on both sides of the glass with an aluminum profile between the glasses. Vienna astragals are also available for aluminum-clad windows, see WSPA. For 2-color painted windows, this is the best option. By default, the astragal is profiled on the inside and straight on the outside.

Vienna astragals for aluminium windows (WSPA)

Vienna astragals are also available for aluminum-clad windows. An exclusive genuine astragal that is glued on both sides of the glass with an aluminum profile between the windows. On the inside there is a wooden astragal and on the outside is an aluminum profile.

Astragals to take off in wood (SP)

SP is our standard surface-mounted astragal. It is a wooden astragal with genuine "carpenter's cross", this means that the astragal does not consist of loose sticks, but the cross of the bar has been tapped together in the traditional way. It is an astragal with smart locking fittings, which means that it is guaranteed to remain on the window. With a simple hand grip, you open the lock and can lift off the astragal when cleaning. SP is an astragal that is normally delivered mounted on the window upon delivery.

Astragals to take off in aluminum (SPA)

SPA is a surface-mounted aluminum astragal. This astragal is not made with loose sticks but is tapped together in the same way as our wooden bars, with a real "carpenter's cross". It is a stable construction of astragals that is easy to remove when cleaning the window. Normally delivered mounted on the window.

Astragals on a frame (RSP)

Astragals on a frame is an exclusive astragal that is mounted with small piano hinges on the window frame. With a small locking fitting, you open and unfold the entire astragal cassette, which makes cleaning the windows very easy. Best suited for our inwards opening window systems and is also recommended for curved windows.

Aluminium astragals (ASP)

Aluminum astragals between the glasses means that you can polish the glass on both sides without having to take into account the bars when they are between the glasses. Fits all types of windows but is not as visible when you see the windows from the side than straight from the front. Delivered as standard in 26mm width but available in several designs and colors.

Glass dividing post (GDP)

Our glass-dividing posts are genuine where the wood divides the glass. Can be delivered in 58mm or 78mm width. Delivered as standard with drip strip, this can be removed as desired.

Vienna astragals in PVC

Vienna astragals are glued on both sides of the glass with a thin aluminum profile between the glasses. For 2-color painted windows, this is the best option. Works best with 2-glass panes.


For 2-color painting, we recommend Vienna astragals as these allows the right color of the astragals from the inside.