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Sustainable wooden windows

Our wooden windows are sustainable from many perspectives. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, they are durable over time. Windows from Ekstrands have a unique construction where the glass strip is mounted on the inside. In this way, we avoid capillary traps and increase burglary protection by not being able to remove the glass strip from outside. The glass is also fully glued from both sides and the attachment of the strip is hidden.

Unique construction

In addition to leading German window technology, constructive wood protection is a key word in our product development. Constructive wood protection is about the product being manufactured with regard to the external factors that affect the product over time. It may seem obvious, but something that many do not live up to. Mounting the glass strip on the inside is constructive wood protection, you then avoid moisture getting into the wooden construction. Designing a drip nose with regard to capillary force, instead of an ordinary saw groove to mount the window panes in, is another example of constructive wood protection. The fact that we only use 3-layer glue-lam wood to avoid knots bleeding, which can damage the color film, is also a choice based on the long-term constructive wood protection.

Sustainable and more environmentally friendly paint system

Impregnation and painting is done with a more environmentally friendly waterborne paint. Ekstrands is the only company to be able to deliver a genuine wooden window completely without protective aluminum or plastic details on the outside, which has a 10-year warranty against cracking in the paint coat, even in dark colors. These are windows where all constituent components except the sealing strip are renewable or recyclable. We really call it sustainability.

Energy Concept 90

Our EC/90 wood also has market-leading thermal insulation capacity. It is a window that has triple sealing strips, break reinforcement on all four sides and with its 3D adjustability it is technically superior to other windows.

High quality finish

Windows are classified as carpentry, the quality requirements for these products are lower compared to furniture. It has been reasonable to ensure that windows must have properties that furniture does not need, half the product is outdoors. The quality of windows varies a lot, it is therefore important that you as a window buyer get to see and feel the product before you make your decision. Ekstrand's windows have furniture quality in terms of surface and detail finish. 

Lacquered wooden windows

In addition to thousands of colors, we can also deliver our windows in 24 exclusive lacquers, on solid oak or pine. You can order our lacquered oak and pine windows with completely knot and joint-free A-surfaces, but also sorting with visible joints. On darker lacquers, it is sometimes reasonable to choose a slightly cheaper sort. Visit one of our exhibitions around Sweden and we will tell you more.

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Sustainable wood windows with

Innovative details

On our wooden windows we have hidden the attachment of glass strips, it gives a clean and exclusive impression without ugly nails or screw heads. You can also order concealed hinges on both inward and outward window systems. Design handles and a wide range of materials and options allow our windows to be individually adapted to each customer's specific needs.

Ekstrands set higher standards

It is now possible to environmentally certify windows and exterior doors despite the fact that solvent-borne impregnation and paint are used and despite the fact that external protective cladding consists of aluminum or plastic, and also without any requirement that it must consist to some extent of recycled material. Ekstrand's environmental requirements are significantly higher, which is why we have deliberately chosen not to environmentally certify our products. We were the first in the door and window industry to move to waterborne more environmentally friendly impregnation and painting, it is today more than 30 years ago and long before the environment and sustainability were a concept in the public debate. A majority of all windows in Sweden are still manufactured with solvent-borne impregnation and paint. For us, over the years it has also been a question of work environment. These toxic colors are not only unhealthy for the environment but also for us humans.