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EC/90 Plus+ wood

Passive house certified component

A high performance wooden window that is a certified passive house component according to German IPH. Can be customized to both classic and modern architecture.


Our collaboration with leading fittings manufacturers and a wide range of options gives the architect full flexibility to create a window for your particular purpose.

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    0.77 W/(m²K)
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Openings systems

The flexibility is great and all windows are manufactured in millimeter sizes according to your wishes. This window system has the following different opening variations.

Fixed window
Side-hung inwards opening window 1-sash dreh-kip
Side hung window 2-sash dreh-kip / dreh
Inwards opening window bottom-hung kip
Inwards opening balcony door dreh-kip
Inwards opening double balcony door dreh-kipp / dreh