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Ekstrands offers exclusive window solutions with narrow profiles, genuine Vienna astragals and traditional fittings. Uniquely durable wooden windows with market-leading performance and a 10-year warranty on the surface treatment.

Cultural windows with high thermal insulation

Ekstrands offers exclusive window solutions that keep the old style, but at the same time have high thermal insulation capacity and unique durability. Our most advanced window systems can also be adapted so that they have a look that fits in cultural-historical environments. With Ekstrand's cultural window, you do not have to compromise on quality and performance.

Unique window construction

We make use of leading German window technology when developing our products. Constructive wood protection is a key word in our product development.  We mount the glass strip on the inside with a hidden attachment, no ugly nails or screw holes. Glass molding on the outside is a capillary trap and a reason why older wooden windows never last. The same applies to putty seams, durability is limited. We glue the glass both inside and outside to prevent moisture penetration and get increased burglary protection. We use 3-layer glued twig-pure wood in the arch and frame because twig bleeding can damage the color film.

Ekstrands is the only company in Scandinavia to provide a 10-year unconditional guarantee on the surface treatment. It is also a more environmentally friendly waterborne system where impregnation and paint is a hybrid with some linseed oil.

Customize your window

A classic window from Ekstrands is an exclusive window in furniture quality, tailored to each customer's specific needs. In addition to thousands of colors and 14 exclusive glazes on the twigs of pine or oak, we can also color-match the top seal and spacer strip between the glass panes. As many as 9 different shades are available on top sealing and 4 shades on spacer strip. The inner glass strip can be delivered straight or profiled. Our included window systems Energy Concept 90, Europa78 and Europa68 can be delivered with several different cultural profiles and there are period-typical handles and fittings to choose from.

S104 trä

A classic window without compromise

S104 wood the classic Swedish outgoing window, fits in a Skåne length, 50s funkis or a classic Swedish mansion. With a 56 mm arch profile, the window is slim and fits all Scandinavian environments. The hinges can be delivered white or painted in most RAL colors. Window hook inside is standard and the frame can also be equipped with plaster gap fittings, then there are no visible hinges, which enhances the aesthetics. Choose from genuine Viennese bars, color, etc. S104 wood can be delivered with a u-value of 1.1 or 1.2.

cultural windows for the city

with future demands for insulation and comfort

Ekstrand's inward-facing window system has several different adaptations that give the window a classic time-typical look. If the installation situation is also taken into account, all or parts of the frame can be completely hidden. EnergyConcept 90 has market-leading performance and is technically the most advanced window on the Swedish market. Can be delivered with a u-value down to 0.77 and has burglary protection and built-in ventilation as standard. Our inward-facing windows have double or triple sealing strips and 3D adjustability for maximum tightness. Fully concealed hinges are available as an option.


Several different adaptations of the cultural window make it possible to create both a window that suits traditional buildings as well as classic Hanseatic architecture.

High performance culture window

Cultural windows for both urban environment and mansion with future demands for energy efficiency. All Ekstrand's inward-facing window systems can be delivered with a drip strip in wood and a culture profile. Europa68, Europa78 and Energy Concept 90 with U-value from 0.77w/(m²K).

Old style with modern technology and comfort

The window systems Europa68 and Europa78 can be delivered in both sliding and folding window design, which enables function and comfort without having to compromise on style. Up to 5.5 m of the wall can be pushed away. Ekstrand's inward-facing windows have technical advantages that most other products cannot offer, including burglary protection and built-in microventilation.

Custom window solutions

Contact one of our sales outlets or our architect support and we will help you create a unique window solution.

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