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Balcony doors adapted to your house

At Ekstrands, fully glazed balcony doors are standard. Glass in the entire frame lets in more light and also gives the best U-value, but we build the balcony door exactly as you want it. With an insulated filling placed at the exact height so that it aligns with other windows, or with astragals, glass-dividing bars, etc. It is also possible to get a real panel in the filling so that the balcony door gets an old style look. Most different fitting solutions and locks are available as options.

Balcony doors with high performance and function

Ekstrands manufactures balcony doors in wood, wood-aluminum and composite (pvc). The options and variatons in fittings and locking systems are extensive. We can supply balcony doors with locking points and break reinforcement on all four sides, 3D adjustable fittings, hidden hinges and various materials and designs.

Customised balcony doors

There are plenty of options for our balcony doors. Examples of options are astragals, glass-dividing posts, insulated fillings, decorative panels, ornamental glass or hidden hinges. There's also functional options such as child safety locks, safety glasses, low aluminum thresholds and much, much more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding balcony doors, contact our experienced staff and they will guide you to the right choice of balcony door.

Inwards opening balcony doors

Our inwards opening balcony doors are delivered in several different systems. Common to all is that they have a smart dreh-kip function. By turning the handle upwards, the fitting changes to be hung at the bottom edge and you can fold the whole frame about 15 cm inwards. This is a perfect ventilation option, both for French balconies on the upper level, but also other surfaces where you want to be able to ventilate but still have a closed function that prevents animals or burglars from entering.

Balcony doors with astragals

Ekstrands has several different astragal systems and genuine glass-dividing bars that are also adapted for our balcony doors. Vienna astragals are the most exclusive with bars in real wood on both the inside and outside, especially suitable for choosing different colors on the inside and outside. The standard is a straight profile on the outside and, where applicable, a soft S-profile on the inside. If you have large glass sections with astragals that are to be aligned, we help to produce drawings and proposals for construction and assembly.

Insulated fillings

Insulated fillings can be delivered smooth or with mirrors. Even on our window doors, it is possible to opt out of aluminum profiles if you want a traditional time-typical look.

Double balcony doors

Ekstrands deliver double balcony doors adapted to your house, even in very large dimensions. Our flexible production means that any standard dimensions do not have to be taken into account. Our double balcony doors can be equipped with smart edge bolt fittings, which makes manoeuvring out to balconies easier.

Balcony doors in any colour

Our aluminum-clad balcony doors are manufactured in 16 different standard colors, our composite balcony doors in more than 20 different colors. Our wooden and aluminium-clad windows are manufactured in all available colors, which means thousands of different colors.

Balcony doors in solid oak

Our balcony doors can be delivered in solid 3-layer glued-lam oak with completely joint-free A-surfaces or with a certain proportion of joints. The price varies depending on how you sort the wood before production. Our balcony doors in oak can be delivered in 16 different exclusive glazes. If you choose a glaze, Ekstrand's leave a warranty on the surface treatment. We use a 3-step water-based paint system with very long durability. Ekstrands can also supply untreated oak for on-site oiling, we generally do not recommend oil on windows as future maintenance on this type of surface treatment is extensive.

Balcony doors

solid pine

Our balcony doors can be delivered in solid pine with completely joint-free A-surfaces or with a certain proportion of joints. The price varies depending on how you sort the wood before production. If you choose a dark glaze, you can advantageously choose a little more joints as these will be less noticeable. A patio door in pine can be delivered in 16 different exclusive lacquers. If you choose a lacquer, Ekstrands has a warranty on the surface treatment, it is a 3-step water-based paint system with long durability

semi-circular tops

Balcony doors in free forms

Ekstrands has a modern production facility that is built on JIT philosophy. This means that we manufacture everything to order, millimeter-adapted, no products are in stock. It gives our customers much greater flexibility to order exact measurements, something that is extra important when replacing windows and balcony doors in old properties. Our inwards opening range of windows can also be delivered with free shapes, which means that the frame and the top of the window door are curved.

Patio doors & balcony doors

Window doors has many nick names. We call it balcony doors, but in popular parlance it is usually called patio doors. A balcony door is the door that leads out to the balcony and a patio door is the door that opens onto the patio. In our industry, both alternatives are a door based on a window construction, hence we call it a window door. All names are equally correct, and there are more designs than there are names on the product!