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Oak doors in solid wood

Ekstrands manufactures exclusive wood products with a high technological level and market-leading performance. Using natural materials in the way we do and at the same time being at the forefront of technological development is unique. Ekstrand's products have, among other things, market-leading thermal insulation capacity and durability.

We do things differently

In a conservative industry, we have always chosen to go our own way. The love of wood and the pursuit of perfection have driven our development of adhesive technology, surface treatment and advanced material combinations. Many of Ekstrand's design and detail solutions are unique and a result of our efforts to find long-term sustainability in combination with high performance and low maintenance.

Exterior doors in solid oak

Our oak doors have solid wood on the surface instead of thin veneers. We also use solid wood in the selected type of wood on frame wood, panels and frames.

Solid wood provides a more luxurious and natural look, it is also more durable over time. Many of our exterior door models can be delivered in solid oak. The U-value of an exterior door in solid oak is u = 0.77W/(m²K).

Exterior doors in thermo treated solid oak

When thermo-treating wood, the material acquires properties that are positive, including less moisture absorption and movement. Thermo-treated wood has a darker shade compared to natural oak, over the years the surface gets a beautiful grayish patina. If you want to keep the dark shade, maintain the oak door with a pigmented oil.

Doors in sustainable wood

We have deliberately chosen not to have tropical woods such as teak in our standard range. The reason is that there is still a lot of illegal felling of tropical woods and that there are now alternatives such as heat-treated oak.

Solid wood is durable

A thin veneer is not as durable as a solid wood surface. During the manufacturing process of veneer, part of the lignin also disappears, which is part of the wood's natural protection. We therefore do not believe that veneers should be used on an exterior door that is exposed to a lot of wear. A solid wood surface can be oiled, but natural pigment changes are inevitable, by adding a little pigment to the oil, you get a more even shade on the door. Ekstrands also delivers oak doors and glass sections with a 3-step exclusive lacquer. With this you shift the maintenance intervals for many years, available in a total of 14 different colors.