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Deco Soft DS/Slät

Interior door Deco Soft DS/Slät. Deco Soft Form is a plain interior door with high painting quality and soft details. Interior doors from Ekstrands are solid or semi-solid for the right feeling. With innovative frame systems, design handles and great flexibility, we create unique door solutions.

The Architect Family
This product is also part of The Architect Family, which is a close collaboration between Ekstrands and the Architects Krook & Tjäder. The idea is based on the fact that the door is an important part of the architectural experience where simplicity, miscibility and materiality have been key words in the development work. Timeless design gives doors in The Architect Family durability over time. For higher quality and better comfort, we recommend hidden hinges and German locks on all doors in The Architect Family.

Materials & colours

We paints in all colours. Please note that colours can not be reproduced exactly on screen. Contact us or visit our showrooms to discuss colour codes or order samples.

Standard white
BAS-familjen Neutral
BAS-familjen Accent
BAS-familjen Accent
Lacquered matt
Optional colors

Hidden frame installation with Ekstrands I-frame

Ekstrand's I-frame is a construction that integrates the frame into the wall. With the I-frame you get a simple and minimalistic environment. The I-frame is developed to be an integral part of the wall. Ekstrand's I-frame is made entirely of wood and has hidden, adjustable hinges of high quality. Delivered as standard with comfort-enhancing and sound-absorbing sealing strip. With the I-frame you are also given the opportunity to cover the door leaf with the same material as the wall, the door then becomes an integral part of the room.

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