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Braid 180 colour

Design: White

Braid 180 is also available in color. The Braid 180 model is an exclusive exterior door that suits both classical and modern minimalist architecture. Developed in collaboration between Ekstrands and White architects.

Andreas Sture, White Arkitekter, about Braid 180 in massive oak:

"The idea behind Braid was to create a door that gives a soft and welcoming impression at the entrance. The inspiration comes from braided birch bark and through the arched shape of the bricks and the fiber direction of the wood the impression that the wood is intertwined is created. The door's distinctive character and design style becomes a fine piece of jewellery and fits well into today's often clean architecture."

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Materials & Colour

We paints in all colours. We recommend RAL as these colours are adapted for outdoor use. Doors can be delivered with different colours on the inside / outside. Please note that colours can not be reproduced exactly on screen, please contact us to order samples or visit our showrooms.

Standard white
Black RAL 9005
Ekstrands standard colors
Optional colors
Solid oak