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Berg 160 Argent

Design: Ekstrands

Exterior doors with real stone create a striking impression of a modern entrance. The surface has a thin layer of slate stone that is unique to each door. The surfaces are durable, weather resistant and available in 3 different types of stone. Insulation, U-value, stability and other performance as well as guarantees are as good as on our other range of exterior doors.

ARGENT creates a feeling of natural stone with a lot of life and movement. The surface glows metallically and has elements of rusty tones. With an exterior door from the Berg 160 series, the natural choice of material is accentuated, which creates a powerful entrance.

Also available with slate NOIR or ASKA

Model series Berg is pattern protected.

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Materials & Colour

We paints in all colours. We recommend RAL as these colours are adapted for outdoor use. Doors can be delivered with different colours on the inside / outside. Please note that colours can not be reproduced exactly on screen, please contact us to order samples or visit our showrooms.

Slate stone Argent
Slate stone Aska
Slate stone Noir
Standard white
Black RAL 9005
Ekstrands selected colors
Optional colors