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Entrance doors that are used frequently place high demands on quality. We manufacture entrance doors for all types of properties where high demands are put on function and performance.

Entrance doors from Ekstrands

Ekstrands is Sweden's leading supplier of entrance doors in wood for both commercial and private properties. A beautiful oak door gives a good first impression and increases the building's attractiveness and value. We manufacture entrance gates to cultural-historical and protected buildings, in oak, painted or other types of wood on request. Often a picture is enough for us to be able to make an entrance door that recreates the old look, but with modern function and performance.

Ekstrands takes overall responsibility, from projecting, manufacturing and installation. Ask us to come out and look at the existing entrance and leave a quote.

Entrance doors in solid wood

A wooden or oak entrance door is not made with thin veneers but with solid surface layers, a natural way to improve the product's properties. We also use solid wood of the selected wood type in panels, frame wood and frames. Solid wood gives a more luxurious look and looks more natural. But above all, it is more durable and weather-resistant compared to veneers. Proper care and maintenance also guarantees a beautiful patina over the years.

Entrances for all eras

Ekstrand's strength is the combination of modern technology and craftsmanship. Our skilled carpenters have extensive experience of creating oak gates that become a jewel on the property. Our long experience and flexibility make it possible to manufacture oak sections and entrance doors for each era.

Oak doors in free forms

We can manufacture an oak door or a covered entrance with a curved top. Broken angles or technical fitting solutions rarely constitute a limitation. Side lights and skylights can be manufactured in large sizes and with real Viennese bars. We also adapt the glasses to the conditions and have great flexibility to print text and numbers in different colors and shapes.

Entrance door solutions and clad facades

Ekstrands can supply the entrance door with clad facade panels in the same material. Oak, genuine slate stone, any type of wood, sheet metal or top-painted moisture-resistant boards. Contact us for more information.

Doors & Windows for projects

Ekstrands is a reliable partner to Sweden's tenant-owner associations. Our range is very wide with consistently high performance, from composite windows to specially adapted cultural windows in wood. In addition to windows, Ekstrands also delivers oak gates to residential and office properties.

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Side lights & top lights to entrance doors

Ekstrands also manufactures large glazing around the entrance, specially adapted skylights and side lights according to the customer's order. Also custom panels in the same material as the door, solid oak or the same type of wood and color as the entrance.

Custom made entrance doors

Ekstrands manufactures specially made entrance doors in any type of wood and design. Contact us with your wishes

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