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Architect support

We work with complicated and unique customer adaptations every day, we have the expertise to help architects create unique door & window solutions. Our architect support is happy to help you with all questions about products for your projects.


To experience and understand the quality of Ekstrand's products, you need to see them in real life. Ekstrands has large exhibitions, among others. a. in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping, Malmö and Osby. Smaller exhibitions are also available in several places in Sweden.

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Our architect support can answer your questions regarding products in your ongoing projects.
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Ekstrands products on BIMObject

Ekstrand's sliding window Patio life, the super window Energy Concept 90 and Ekstrand's I-frame, both outwards and inwards are on BIMobject.

EC / 90 is a window with the highest focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and the environment. I-frame is a construction that is adapted for Swedish wooden stud walls. The frame is completely hidden and creates a new stylish and modern expression in our indoor environment.

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