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Pivot-hung exterior doors


A pivot-hung exterior door has a unique construction that differs from a traditional swing door. The rotation takes place a bit into the door leaf, it gives a grand and luxurious feeling when the door leaf does not open in the traditional way. A pivot door must be larger, which contributes to increased weight, the extra weight in the door leaf gives a better closing pressure and contributes to the exclusive feeling.


All Ekstrand models can be delivered in Pivot design, but these doors often have a lot of equipment. All available locking systems and electrical end plates (except motor locks), can be mounted on a pivot door. For design reasons, our customers often choose pull handles and key-controlled locking. A pivot-hung exterior door from Ekstrands is equipped with exclusive pivot hinges from Fritz Jurgens.


To meet the accessibility requirements, a pivot door must have a width of at least M13, but Ekstrands can deliver both narrower and wider doors andas well as special heights up to M31. For width measurements >M15, the height is limited to M25.


The rotation of the pivot door means that there is no seam that seals at the top or bottom, instead there is an automatic sealing strip that is activated when closing. The tightness of a pivot door is very good but is never as good as a traditional swing door. You can mount a pivot door in most places except where the door risks extreme wind and rain. for example, it may be near the sea.

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