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Limited Edition exterior door Clue 100K


Clue is a limited exterior door developed in collaboration with Wonderwall Studios. The door is made of 100-year-old black oak. The wood used on the door leaf has been salvaged after being soaked in seawater or buried in the ground for a very long time. The color is black with shifts in brown.

Luxurious, elegant but above all unique are the words that best describe Clue. The black sign is sorted by shade and thickness, then each door is patterned by hand.

Wonderwall Studios recycles old wood with a strong focus on the environment and upcyling. The material is picked up all over the world and you control the entire process from salvaging material, to sawing and hand polishing of every small piece. Local craftsmanship all around the world is used to create new life in old materials.

Svartek is rare and valuable, often the material has been hidden in land or sea for several hundred years, access is therefore limited. Ekstrands has materials for a handful of doors, a little depending on the dimensions of the doors, after which no more are manufactured. Each door will be numbered.

With our love of wood, we continue the search for unique materials and exciting door designs, what the future will show. Clue, on the other hand, will never come again.