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Double doors with high performance

We manufacture double doors with great flexibility and high performance. A double door from Ekstrands is climate-tested, which means that you can rely on function and performance, regardless of weather and season.


Double doors

All exterior door models are available as a double door. Standard is equal parting but we can also deliver with so-called double lists where the main door leaf becomes larger. Ekstrands is the only manufacturer that has climate tested a double door, it means that our customers can rely on the performance specified. The results were very good and it's due to our stable construction, but also to a well-constructed meeting between the door leaves, self-developed hinges and edge fittings that allow tightness to be adjusted as needed. If you buy a double door from Ekstrands, you get performance and comfort beyond the ordinary. Contact us for more information.

Double doors in special dimensions

We can manufacture double doors in special dimensions and large sizes up to M31 in height (max. M25 width) or M29 in width (max. M25 height)

Double doors without stop strip

Our stone doors can also be manufactured as double doors and then without a stop strip for the sake of design. The picture shows Berg 160 Argent as a double door.

Customised design

Depending on the width of the double door, we can adjust the panel division to create a harmonious and beautiful entrance. The picture shows an Ascot 300 with custom panel layout.

Double doors in any color

Our double doors have full warranties even on black and dark colors, facing south, without a protective roof. The picture shows an Ascot 388 as a double door in black

Double doors in custom design

We can also manufacture specially adapted double doors according to the customer's own design. With a photo or sketch as a basis, we produce exactly dimensioned drawing proposals.

Asymmetrical double doors with symmetrical look

With a double list, the door looks symmetrical but the main door becomes wider. Suitable when the door hole is a little narrower.

custom made exterior doors

Ekstrands also manufactures custom-made exterior doors where the customer has created the design. The flexibility is great and custom-made exterior doors up to 3.1 meters in height are possible. An exterior door from Ekstrands has leading thermal insulation and guarantees beyond the ordinary. Covered exterior doors have weather-resistant surface layers and our oak doors are manufactured with solid surface layers instead of thin veneers. An exterior door from Ekstrands is something out of the ordinary. Contact us and we will help you create a unique entrance.