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It is easy to order joinery from Ekstrands. Call and tell us what requirements you have. Our sellers are professionals with extensive experience of doors and windows. Order our price list or send a request directly to us. Be sure to always compare products, product quality and net price.



All merchandise is carried out according to our standard design, even if the blueprint or list specifies another detail design. Exceptions to this rule shall be stated in the order confirmation.



For manufactured products, the delivery time, depending on season and order situation, varies between three and eight work weeks. Call to get the latest information as occasional peaks can make the delivery time longer. The delivery time is always confirmed in the order confirmation and is then an approximate. E.g. indicate the week the item is expected to be completed, then add time for transportation. The exact delivery date cannot be set far in advance.



All rates are from the factory. We have very favourable shipping conditions that benefit our customers. Delivery is usually by a carrier to the address indicated by the customer. If an agreement of notification is made before delivery, the carrier is responsible of notifying you. The carrier normally delivers by car to the address at street level. Unloading help is assumed for larger parties or goods that cannot be handled by the driver. The goods are not carried up to the first floor. This is done by the receiver. If a crane is required for unloading large windows, this is also the responsibility of the receiver. If you want your delivery to an island, a separate agreement regulating this should be made.



It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the goods upon receipt. Ekstrand's liability for any visible defects and / or transport damage lapses completely if the product is installed with these defects. Assembled goods cannot be returned.

Visible damage to the packaging
If there is a visible damage to the product or damage to the packaging:
1. Note the damage to the bill of lading / receipt before signing upon receipt
2. Inform Ekstrands about the transport damage at
Note! Damages that are visible and not noted on the bill of lading are not covered.

Hidden damage when unpacking
Unpack and inspect the goods immediately after delivery. If product has hidden damage:
1. Report the damage no later than 5 days from receipt to Ekstrands at
2. Attach photos of the damage and order number. Hidden damages that are not reported within five days are not covered, so it is important to unpack and inspect the goods immediately.



The technical and design related development is an ongoing process. We reserve the right to make technical changes to continually improve our products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the items described here are available in the particular embodiment described throughout the catalogue lifespan. Also, note that the colours can never be exactly reproduced in print.



See our unique guarantees and feel free to read more about the conditions in our guarantee terms.



Carpentry dimensions are given either as the so-called modular dimensions or in exact frame edge millimetre dimensions. Width dimensions are always given before the height. Example: Module dimensions M10x12 means that the window is manufactured with space for adjustment in dimensions eg 980x1180 or 985x1185 mm. Be sure to specify the desired size. The stated millimeter dimensions in the quotation and order confirmation are frame dimensions in millimeters in which the window or door is manufactured. Example: module dimension M10x21 = frame edge millimetre dimensions 986 mm width x 2076 mm height on an exterior door, 990 mm x 2090 mm on an interior door.



If the glass opening in e.g. a balcony door is supposed to align with windows to the sides, this must be indicated. Astragals and sashes meant to align with other windows must also be specified when ordering.



Hanging is always indicated from the side you can see the hinges, i.e. the side you open against. A right hung carpentry product has hinges on the right side and vice versa.



The buyer is obliged to check the order confirmation to confirm the product's compliance with the order. The order confirmation to the customer is a binding agreement that is only distributed by the head office in Osby. If codes are indicated that the buyer does not understand, the seller must be contacted so that these codes can be explained. It is very important that the order information is correct. Changes may incur additional costs, even if the order confirmation has not yet arrived to the customer. Ekstrands is represented in many places in the country by representatives and free entrepreneurs with the right to collect information and measures for quotation. These representatives cannot enter into binding agreements for Ekstrands. Other agreements can only be signed by authorized staff at Ekstrands head office.



Our list prices are based on cash or prepayment. Many choose prepayment the week before delivery wherein a cash discount is given. Enter your desired payment method when ordering.



We do not normally accept deposits. Payment is made when the installation is complete.



We can offer various financing options for the large investment you are facing. Custom-made to your needs.



Each household of course has its own unique circumstances. Therefore, we will help you to take up the option that suits you. You can choose between 6, 12 or 24-month interest-free payments.



In case of purchase up to SEK 200,000, we have a perfect solution there too. Apply for the Ekstrands loan and you can choose to pay for the purchase in between 12 and 120 months. The Ekstrands loan is a simple and affordable solution for you to be able to make the house investments that are necessary or timely. Enter your desired payment method when placing the order. Retailers, construction companies and architects are asked to contact our sales team to discuss volume discounts.

Ekstrand's warranties

Buying carpentry from us is extra safe. Decades of development have created products with leading technology and performance, which is reflected in our warranties. We encourage everyone who is in the choice to buy doors or windows to read the manufacturer's care instructions in addition to the warranty conditions, it is common with disclaimers here. Ekstrands provides a unique warranty on the painting, completely without reservation for maintenance during the warranty period. Download our warranty terms and read more.


best environmental choice

If you choose a window or an exterior door from Ekstrands, you also make the best environmental choice. With us, better environmental choices also go hand in hand with a longer product life span. We are e.g. the only ones to provide a 10-year guarantee on the painting (5 years in coastal areas). We'll tell you why!

best environmental choice