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Fire-rated EI30 window - Energy Concept 90


Ekstrands launches a fire-rated EI30 window which is a version of our Energy Concept 90 window. EC / 90 EI30 is available as both fixed and openable.

We have developed a version of our energy window EC/90 which is fire tested EI30 window according to EN 13501-2. Both fixed and openable. Arch and frame have EC/90 EI30 windows built-in expanding elements / strips. The U-value of the fire-rated variant of EC/90 will be 1.2W/(m²K). The glass combination in EC/90 EI30 is laminated glass 44.2 low energy P2A/16 Ar/Pyrobel 16. The windows can be delivered in both 1 and 2 air versions. EC/90 is our most energy-saving window and without fire rating has a U-value of 0.80W/(m²K).

The U-value will of course not be as low in the fire-rated version, but the U-value 1.2W/(m²K) also means windows in the energy-saving class. Fire-rated windows are most often used in urban environments and in places where proximity to other buildings requires it. The EI30 class means that burning takes more than 30 minutes. EC/90 is in an openable version inwards with built-in microventilation in the fitting and dreh-kipp function, which makes it particularly suitable even for multi-storey buildings. The EC/90 series is also available in sound-rated design, EC/90 SR46dB and as a passive house-certified window, EC/90 Plus + with a U-value of 0.78W/(m²K).

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